The role of a GDPR data protection officer

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulation requires that many organizations will need to hire a GDPR data protection officer.
The GDPR does not list specific qualification criteria for the data protection officer role beyond stating that the officer must have “expert knowledge of data protection law and practices.”
However the regulation lists the data protection officer’s responsibilities as below
Keep data controllers informed of their responsibilities and obligations as they pertain to data protection;
Communicate to data subjects their rights pertaining to the handling and use of their data;
Inform the organization of any failure to comply with applicable data protection rules;
Advise the organization as to how the data protection rules should be interpreted and applied;
Create and maintain a registry of the institution’s processing operations;
Notify the EU of any intended processing operations that could infringe on the data protection rights or freedoms of EU citizens;
Ensure the organization maintains ongoing data protection compliance;
Respond to any applicable questions or complaints;
Act as a point of contact for the European Data Protection Supervisor and facilitate requests for inspections, investigations and so on.

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